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Samsung is one of the world leaders in terms of manufacturing consumer electronics and computer peripherals. Usually, the printers of Samsung are of impeccable quality and quite advanced. However, due to its large variety of printers and slightly complex functionality, users have to face many technical glitches and problems from time to time..

The customer base of Samsung is huge, so it obvious that the type and variety of errors will also be quite a lot. In this article, we have listed down some of the most common errors that Samsung printer users usually have to face along with their solutions. Apart from this, we have also given a brief description of Samsung Printer Technical Support Phone Number and how it can help Samsung printer users to get rid of their problems.

Samsung Printer Customer Support Contact Helpline Number

Samsung is a household name when it comes to computer peripherals and electronics goods. The Samsung printers are used by a lot of customers, more the number of users also result in a large number of errors as well. This is the reason why the Samsung printer customer support helpline number is a necessary requirement for the users.

The technicians and engineers at Samsung customer support department are very well versed in solving all type of errors and technical glitches that may occur in a Samsung printer. So, in case you are also having trouble due to any of the problem or error then the solution is just a call away. Dial Samsung printer customer support phone number and get resolutions to all your Samsung printer problems now.

Common Samsung Printer Problems and Solutions

1) Wifi printing takes too much time in my Samsung printer.

  • • Such problems are generally related to the connectivity; make sure that your printer is well connected to the wifi network.
  • • The speed of wifi also depends upon the distance, close down the distance between the printer and router.
  • • You can also update the firmware of your wifi router.
  • • Turn every device off for 30 seconds and then restart & reconnect.
  • • Call Samsung printer customer support contact help desk number if the given solutions don’t work out as it indicates technical glitches either with or router or Samsung printer.

2) My Samsung printer prints are too light, spotty or have horizontal lines.

  • • This problem indicates that you may have a clogged print head, use printer’s utility program to clean out the dried ink.
  • • The steps to clean out a clogged print head depend upon the model of printer you are using.
  • • If the cleaning doesn’t help, you may try leaving the printer turned off overnight and try to run the cleaning process again next morning, as the dried ink will get soft and will be easier for cleaning.
  • • You may need to clean the head several times for the best result.
  • • Call Samsung printer technical support telephone number in case the problem persists or you have any query about cleaning the clogged print head.

3) A blank sheet is ejected every time I print from my Samsung printer.

This is a very basic technical glitch, which can be sorted out by making subtle changes in the settings.

  • • First of all, click on Start Button followed by Devices and printer.
  • • Then Right click the phaser printer and go down to the printing preferences.
  • • Now select the down arrow besides the paper and click separator.
  • • A pop up will appear having different separator options.
  • • Set Separator option to “No Separators”.
  • • Finally, click ok and apply to save the setting.
  • • Now check if a blank sheet is ejecting or not. Call Samsung Printer support contact helpline number if printer is still ejecting blank sheet as it may be due to any technical error which requires an expert technician to solve.

4) The print quality of Samsung printer is very poor.

The print quality of Samsung printer doesn’t depend upon the printer alone. Various other factors may also result in the bad quality of prints by the printer. Follow the steps mentioned below to improve quality of your Samsung printer.

  • • Make sure that you are using right quality paper.
  • • Ensure that the cartridges you are using to print are of good quality and compatible with your Samsung printer.
  • • In case you are using laser printer then it is possible that the print quality may have gone down due to the settling down of toner powder in the cartridge. Take your cartridge out and shake it well in such cases.
  • • Dial Samsung Printer Customer service phone number USA for help if the print quality doesn’t improve.

Samsung Printer Customer Service Help Phone Number

Hope you have found the solution to your problems by reading the solutions given above. However, if you can’t find your problem listed in the above topics or you are having a problem understanding the solutions we have provided, then you are advised to Samsung Printer Customer service contact phone number to get your issues solved by the professional.

The staff and engineers at Samsung printer support are very customer friendly and skilled enough to solve any kind of problem related to the Samsung printers. In addition to this, the minimum time policy is strictly followed by the Samsung printer support staff and technician to provide you best services within a stipulated time. So, Dial Samsung printer help number now and let the specialist handle your Samsung printer issue.

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