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Lexmark is an American printer manufacturing company which is known for its wide range of inkjet and laser printers. Lexmark has a huge customer base; millions of users utilize Lexmark printers for their official and personal use. Since the customer base is large; it clearly means that the number of problems and issues will also be more.

If you are also a Lexmark Customer and looking for a solution to any of your problem related to Lexmark printer then this article is written just for you. Here, we will list down some of the most common Lexmark printer problems that users generally face along with their solution. In addition, we will also brief you about how dialing the Lexmark Printer Technical printer technical support helpdesk Number can help you solving your printer related issues.

Lexmark Printer Customer Service Phone Number USA

The Paperless offices are still a far-sighted view and we need a quality printer for a smooth workflow at offices. Not on only in offices, a printer is a requirement for almost student and working professionals. Not every individual is capable enough to solve, complex technical errors that generally occurs in Lexmark Printers.

Thankfully, the staff at Lexmark printer customer support department is fully committed to solve all your problems related to Lexmark printer within a minimum timeframe. As a customer you just need to Dial Lexmark Printer Customer Service Phone number and let the expert technicians handle your Lexmark printer issues.

Common Issues with Lexmark Printer and their Solutions

Here is the list of some of the issues that are usually faced by the Lexmark Printer users.

1) Why I am getting a lot of Paper Jams in my printer?

Solution: Follow the instruction given below to solve such issues.

  • • First of all, ensure that you are using a right size of paper and they are perfectly loaded in the paper tray.
  • • Paper jams are also caused to the defect in rollers; make sure that your printer rollers are not damaged.
  • • In case the printer is drawing a lot of sheets in one go, it implies that problem is with the quality of the paper.
  • • Always make sure that there should not be excessive dust on the papers as it may result in a paper jam as well.

If these instructions don’t solve the issue of paper jam in your Lexmark printer, then you should give a call at Lexmark Printer Customer Service Contact number and get the issue resolved by the experts.

2) My printer claims it's running out of ink, but I can still print. Should I buy new cartridges?

Solution: The low ink warnings are intended to help users in judging when to buy the new cartridges. Follow the instructions below if you think you are receiving these warnings too often.

  • • It is possible that the printer starts to show warning even when there is 50% ink left in the cartridge.
  • • You should keep on printing unless the print quality starts to deteriorate. However, if you print quite frequently we will suggest you to buy new cartridges but do not install them unless the first one is exhausted completely.
  • • You can call Lexmark Printer Technical Support Number to know how you can increase the efficiency of your Lexmark printer, so that your cartridges can last longer.

3) My printer is too slow. What to do?

Solution: If you think your printer is slower than the normal speed then follow the below-mentioned instruction.

  • • Firstly, check the speed of your network. Generally, the speed of an Ethernet or wired connection is faster than that of wifi or any other wireless connection.
  • • Degrade the print quality a bit, as it takes more time to print a high definition image.
  • • Make sure that you are using the most compatible and updated drivers for your printer.
  • • Decrease the distance between router and printer in case of wireless printing.

Call the Lexmark Printer Customer support number if the print speed doesn’t improve even after following the above-mentioned steps.

4) The printing cost of my Lexmark Printer is too high.

Solution: Follow the steps given below to get rid of such errors.

  • • The one way to decrease the printing cost to change the default settings of your printer to more of an economical setting. For example: - switching to duplex mode, draft painting or b/w only printing.
  • • Keep a track of your printer usage and try to avoid unnecessary & wasteful printing.
  • • Some technical error can also result in a rapid depletion of cartridges which result in high printing cost. Call Lexmark Printer Customer Service Phone number to know how you can use your printer in a most optimized way to reduce your printing cost.

Lexmark Printer Customer Support Contact Helpline Number

If your issue is not listed in the above-mentioned problem then you don’t need to worry at all. Just give a call at the Lexmark Printer Customer Support Helpline Number and get the best possible resolution of your issues by specialists. The technical support engineers and staff at Lexmark printer support department are well versed in solution every kind of issues related to Lexmark Printers.

Apart from this, all the services and maintenance requests are processed within a time frame at the Lexmark support department. So, you don’t have wait for your problems to get fixed. Dial Lexmark Printer Support Helpline Number for a hassle-free printing.

Lexmark Printer Support Helpline: http://www.lexmark.com/en_us/contact-us.html