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Kyocera offers a wide range of printers that incorporates long life components and latest features. Despite being highly durable and efficient, many of its users keep on complaining about various issues and problems prevailing in these printers from time to time. Some of the common issues that Kyocera printer customers have to deal with are cartridges issues, paper jams, poor printing quality etc.

The best way to get rid of all your Kyocera printer problems is to dial the Kyocera Printer Customer Support Contact Helpline Number and talk to printer support specialists. In this post, we are list down some of the commonly faced issues related to the Kyocera printers and their solutions. Additionally, we will also brief you on how dialing Kyocera Printer Customer Support Number can help you in resolving all your Kyocera printer problems

Kyocera Printer Customer Service Phone Number Helpline

As we already mentioned above that some of the components of Kyocera printer are prone to issues and problems. Sometimes these issues are so complex that it becomes impossible for a normal user to resolve them without a help from an expert. The best way to get help regarding Kyocera printers is to dial the Kyocera Printer Customer Service Phone Number.

The staff and technicians at Kyocera printer customer service department understand the importance of a hassle free printing for a business. So, in case you are also a Kyocera printer user who is having a trouble due to problems related to your printer, then dial Kyocera Printer Customer Service Contact Number and let the experts handle to issue.

Common Kyocera Printer Problem and solutions

1. Why my Printer is too slow?

Solution: Generally, the printing speed of all printers is not same. However, if you are noticing that the speed of your Kyocera printer is going down gradually, then you should follow the steps given below:

  • • Make sure that you are using the correct printer setting as there are settings in your printer which can slow down the speed of printing such as quiet mode etc. You may also turn off the printer enhancements (if any).
  • • The driver you are using should be compatible with your Kyocera printer. Dial Kyocera Printer Technical Support Toll-Free Helpdesk Number to know which driver is most compatible with your Kyocera printer.
  • • Try to decrease the resolution of your printer as high resolution prints requires more time to print than a lower quality print.
  • • The connectivity might also be a reason why your Kyocera printer is slowing down. Ensure that your printer is properly connected to network especially in case of WiFi printing.

2. There are too many paper jams in my Kyocera printer?

Solution: Follow the steps given below to get rid of frequent jams in your printer.

  • • Make sure that papers are properly aligned with the paper tray or feed tray.
  • • Check and remove any damaged or wrinkled paper from the feed tray.
  • • Gently tap the paper stack from sides so that paper can set evenly in the tray.
  • • The size of the papers should match with your printer.
  • • Use the right quality paper for your printer.
  • • In case any paper is already tucked inside your printer then you can get it removed by technicians by giving a call at Kyocera Printer Customer Service USA.

3. Why the print Quality of my printer is very bad?

Solution: The quality of a print depends upon many factors not only on printer itself. Some of the fixes for bad quality prints are illustrated below:

  • • First of all, clean the print head as it is highly probable that it might be clogged and this is the reason why are getting a bad looking print.
  • • Ensure that the paper you are using to print is of high quality and should not have any dirt or marks on it.
  • • The ink cartridges should also be of high quality.

4. Printer is ejecting blank papers.

Solution: This type of issues generally occurs when you turn on the separator page. Follow the steps given below one by one to stop separator page.

  • • First of all, go to the device and printer page from control panel.
  • • Right click the printer icon and select printer properties.
  • • Click on Advance Tab, here you will find the separator page tab.
  • • Delete any entry in the page separator box.
  • • Click Apply and ok to save the settings.

Kyocera Printer Technical Support Toll-Free Helpdesk Number

We hope that the above mentioned solutions will help you in getting rid of your Kyocera Printer issues. However, if you can’t find your problem mentioned in this article, than you can call Kyocera Printer Technical Support Helpdesk Number and explain your concern to the specialist. The Kyocera customer service agents will listen to your concern patiently and provide you the best possible solution within a minimum time frame.

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