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Dell is definitely one of the household names as far as computer peripherals are concerned. All its products including printers are considered of high quality and fairly reliable. Like all other technical products, the Dell printers also have some glitches that need to be sorted time to time. Many of these glitches can be resolved easily by users themselves. However, for some technical glitches, you need proper guidance and support from the Dell Printer customer service specialists.

If you are also encountering any technical errors or glitches while using Dell Printer, then this article can be immensely helpful for you. Here, we will discuss some common dell printer problems and how dell printer customer service phone number USA can help us resolve them.

Dell Printer Customer Support Contact Helpline Number

With the advance of modern day technology, the functionality and capabilities of Dell printers are getting better day by day. But one of the drawbacks of all these advanced technologies and functionalities is that it becomes quite difficult for a normal user to understand and resolve the technical errors that keep on occurring time to time.

Fortunately for the Dell User, you can get all your technical errors resolved just by giving a call at Dell Printer Support Contact Phone Number. The technicians at Dell Printer support departments are well-trained professionals who will provide you the best possible services at the most reasonable price.

Common Issues with Dell Printers and their solutions

Some of the issues that Dell users usually face are listed below.

1) Why my Dell printer is printing so slowly?

Solutions: Try the following methods to increase the printing speed of your Dell Printer

1. First of all, try and reset your printer. This can be done by disconnecting the power cord and reconnecting it.
2. Check the printer driver setting and reinstall the drivers if required.
3. Don’t give too many print commands at once.

If the printing speed doesn’t increase even after following the above mentioned methods then you should call dell printer customer service phone number USA to get the issues resolved by the experts.

2) Why a blank sheet is ejected every time I print?

Solutions: This problem is caused to printer page separators. Follow the method given below solve such problems.

1. First of all, open the control panel followed by “Device and Printers”.
2. Now right click the printers and choose “printing preference”.
3. Finally, Disable page separator. If the option to disable page separator is not available then right click the printer.
4. Open “Properties” and choose the option “Customize your printer”.
5. Then go to “Advanced” tab, here you will find the option to disable page separator.

Hopefully, this help solution helps you to sort out the issue; if printer still ejects the blank page even after following the above mentioned solution then you get it fixed by experts at the Dell printer customer support department.

3) Why my printer tells me to replace the cartridge?

Solutions:Some time printer starts to show warning messages even before ink cartridge actually runs out. Follow the step given below in order to fix this problem.

1. You should order a new cartridge but should not install them unless the printer actually stops printing or starts to show color fading.
2. You can also run a clean cycle on your printer as it may also allow you to print few more copies.

Call Dell printer technical support Help Center Number to find out which cartridge is best for your Dell printer and what else you can do so that your cartridges last longer.

4) Why the paper gets stuck in the printer every time I print?

Solutions: Follow the steps given below to solve this problem effortlessly.

1. It usually happens due to a small piece of paper got stuck inside the paper feed mechanism. Check the stuck paper by taking papers out of the tray.
2. Open all the flaps as well and check inside.
3. You should also check underneath the printer as there might be an access panel that you can remove and clean the paper feed mechanism.

In case you can’t find the shred of paper then you can get paper feed mechanism cleaned by the Dell printer onsite support technicians. Contact Dell Printer Customer Service USA for details.

Dell Printer Technical Support Toll-Free Helpdesk Number

We tried to list some of the most common dell printer problems, in case you can’t find your problem listed or you have any query about the above mentioned solutions then you may contact Dell printer Support Contact Helpdesk Number. The technicians at Dell Printer customer service department are well trained to solve any kind of problem related to Dell printers in a minimum time frame.


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